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Ulrikas Fond will be terminated during 2018 why we do not ask for any more donations. We take the opportunity to thank you for all your support during many years. 

If you have any questions, please contact Kjell Larsson,

GREAT NEWS – Translations of cancer information now available!

Translations are now completed in Spanish, Persian and Turkish of a large number of brochures that describe treatments of various forms of cancer.  The brochures provide short and simple explanations of treatments, as well as common side effects and how these can be managed. Patients, family and friends alike have welcomed the information. The brochures have been developed at Karolinska University Hospital, and are now available in the three languages on this website for download and distribution.

Ulrika’s Charity Trust has funded and produced the translations. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the many individuals who have made this work possible. Along with all of you who have donated funds to the trust, we would in particular like to thank oncology nurse Mai Näsström, Stockholm South General Hospital. Mai instigated the translation project and coordinated most of the work. Substantial contributions have also been made by volunteers to verify and improve on the translations. The trust is grateful to Beatriz Sanz-Redrado for verifying the Spanish version, Siamak Goodarzi for the Persian version, and Mehmet Civgin along with Dr. Esra Civgin, radiologist at the Numune Training and Research Hospital in Ankara, for the Turkish version.

The brochures cover many forms of cancer. Brochures about breast cancer treatment are available under the names Caelyx, Docetaxel, FEC and Paklitaxel.

 You will find all of these brochures under “Översättningar” (Translations) in the main website menu, grouped by the three languages. Please read carefully the disclaimer available for each language. Keep in mind that cancer treatments continue to develop, and always follow the specific advice given to you by your doctor or nurse.

Ulrika’s Charity Trust

Because life is meant for living

The primary objective of Ulrika’s Charity Trust is to stimulate the development and betterment of the practical care for breast cancer patients. The trust wants to encourage care that helps the befallen patient to keep on living a normal life.

Ulrika’s Charity Trust was an initiative of Ulrika Barklund Larsson, who for nearly five years fought her very aggressive breast cancer. Soon after being told about her disease, Ulrika was firmly determined to go on living her normal life as much as possible.

Ulrika was truly full of vitality and in the years that she was sick she got to experience many happy moments, and also managed to have a career that took her all the way to a stint as the Swedish ambassador to Brussels. Her work made her travel to all four corners of the world, which also meant having treatments at many different hospitals. From this, Ulrika got the idea to set up a trust to gather, spread and enhance the experiences and ideas about care that helps the patient to live life according to her wishes, despite the disease and all the treatments.

The trust wants to stimulate contributions to find and retrieve ideas and results from trials that have been made in Sweden or abroad. This can be big, ground breaking things, but perhaps mostly the small everyday improvements that makes life easier for the patient.

All contributions to Ulrika’s Charity Trust are gratefully received. The contributions will go directly to the trust account at Karolinska University Hospital. No administrative costs or other costs will be deducted from the contributions. This means that the entire amount you contribute will be put towards the objective of the trust.

If you have any questions, please contact Kjell Larsson,